When anxiety is high and the future is uncertain, the experienced clinicians at Beyond Coping remain available to help through safe and secure teletherapy sessions.

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Wendy von Wiederhold, PhD - Molly Saeger, MFT - Amy Wilner, PsyD - Natalie Compagni Portis, PsyD

Because medical conditions affect more than the body, and emotional health involves more than the mind.


 The therapists at Beyond Coping provide psychotherapy to patients, caregivers, parents, children, teens, and couples who are grappling with a recent diagnosis, life altering treatment, bodily changes, or end of life issues.


Because medical conditions affect more than the body, and emotional health involves more than the mind we understand that a close collaboration between medical providers and our mental health providers allow us to serve as allies in communicating with both patients and medical providers


Most of these resources are free for cancer patients and their families.  We are in the process of building out this section of our website and are always updating.  We hope to add soon important resources here for those dealing with illnesses and conditions other than cancer.  If you know of a resource that we haven’t included and you think we should, please let us know.

therapists at Beyond Coping

Our mission at Beyond Coping is to help people deal with the psychological consequences of physical conditions ranging from cancer to infertility, chronic pain to acute injury, and more. 

Each of the psychotherapists at Beyond Coping has either personally experienced a cancer diagnosis and treatment or served as a primary caregiver for someone facing a life-threatening illness. 

We want to help people with the wide range of emotions that can arise when they or someone they care about is struggling with medical diagnosis and treatment, living with illness, or facing end of life issues.  Our work involves helping patients and their loved ones move beyond just coping with difficult, frightening, and sometimes catastrophic situations to a place of acceptance, strength, and adaptation. 

The work we do is not time-limited; some people may benefit with just three meetings. Others may come for years as an ongoing component of their care or wellness program.

therapists at Beyond Coping

"At my most recent check-up, my oncologist declared me “in remission.”  I should be ecstatic, but I live with chronic pain from my mastectomy, and I think I’m depressed."

"My husband is about to have his second knee replacement.  He’s been an athlete all his life and he’s so depressed and angry all the time, he’s impossible to be around.  I’m dreading having to take care of him."

"I had four miscarriages in two years.  I’m not sure I can handle another and it’s affecting everything."

"I’m a single mom of a very difficult teenager.  I just got diagnosed with MS and am really tired all the time.  I don’t know if I can handle all of this!"

"My husband’s cancer is back.  The kids are older now, and they know something is going on but we haven’t told them yet, and we’re not agreeing on how to do it.  We need to figure this out."

"My wife of 50 years has advanced-stage Alzheimer’s. She no longer knows who I am. Her health is really going down.   I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about it"


My husband and I searched for a psychologist for years, and finally found someone that showed compassion and was empathetic to our situation. Dr. von Wiederhold had a lot of knowledge about cancer and living with a prolonged serious illness. I am highly indebted to this mental health professional who has helped us understand what cancer means to our relationship and our future.  – CL

I can't say enough about Molly Saeger at Beyond Coping.  I've been going through a difficult time in my life and Molly has been a tremendous help.  Finding out I can’t have my own children has been devastating. Talking to her has put things in perspective and helped me forge a better path.

After the birth of my second child I found myself struggling & in need of professional counseling services.  I am so grateful to have had Dr. Compagni Portis see me through this difficult period.  She is incredibly warm & kind and made me feel instantly comfortable.  She is also a consummate professional and I feel confident in recommending her highly.

We came to Dr. Wilner at Beyond Coping seeking help for our 14 year-old daughter, who was undergoing treatment for leukemia.  We had previously been to two other psychologists and were completely frustrated in their lack of knowledge for the disorder.  Amy immediately made us feel at ease.  She spoke with the doctors pretty regularly, and she knew about everything that was going on medically. Amy worked with our daughter over the year as she completed her treatment, and was a true blessing for our family.

Each of my own patients who’s being seen by a Beyond Coping psychotherapist is doing much better – and not always medically, but spiritually, and psychologically.  And it makes a tremendous difference in terms of quality of life, even if they’re facing pretty tough odds.  

Because medical conditions affect more than the body, and emotional health involves more than the mind.

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