When anxiety is high and the future is uncertain, the experienced clinicians at Beyond Coping remain available to help through safe and secure teletherapy sessions.

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Whether acute or chronic, terminal or ambiguous, and pre- or post-diagnosis, medical conditions both cause and are affected by psychological processes; the interplay of various conditions in each arena can result in negative or positive outcomes in both.

We provide assistance for patients as they think through medical options and navigate health-care decisions.

Brief consultations can also be arranged for those in the Bay Area for a limited time.

Physicians and Other Medical Professionals

We offer phone, teleconferencing, or in-person consultation to physicians and other professionals seeking insight into patients experiencing emotional difficulties, or whose family members present obstacles to providing the patient with the care he or she deserves.

We can recommend strategies for managing the array of challenges arising from complex psychological presentations and family dynamics.

Family Members and Care Providers

In addition to providing ongoing individual therapy to family members and care providers, we offer consultation sessions in our offices to those who might want a limited number of meetings to gain insight into the patient's experience or behavior, to seek strategies for managing upcoming circumstances or events (e.g., birthdays or anniversaries, discussions around end-of-life care, whether or how to attend a family function), or to get tools for communicating with the patient, doctors, or other family members.

Because medical conditions affect more than the body, and emotional health involves more than the mind.

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